What is a seminary?

Seminary comes from the Latin word seminarium, meaning “seedbed.”  It is the place where men who believe God might be calling them to be Catholic priests go to receive help discerning God’s will and the training they need to be good and holy priests of Jesus Christ.

Seminary is not intended to be simply a program of self-improvement.  It is designed and intended to be a program in which the participants deepen their love for Christ and develop their ability to share that love with others through a life of fidelity to the office of the ministerial priesthood, to Christ Himself, and to His Bride the Church. (cf. PPF 71)

The normal course of studies and formation for Catholic priesthood for the Diocese of Bridgeport can run from one to four years at St. John Fisher Seminary, the minor seminary program in the Diocese, with four additional years of theological studies at a major seminary.