Rev. Mr. Peter Adamski

Home City: Stamford, CT

Home Parish: Church of the Holy Spirit, Stamford

As a kid growing up in New Jersey, our family would travel to upstate New York to visit my great uncle (and namesake) Msgr. Peter Joseph Adamski, who was the pastor of St. Stanislaus in Buffalo.  I can recall vividly going to the rectory and having him impart his wisdom on me.  We'd talk about how I felt like I might have a vocation staring at me, and he encouraged me to discern that.  

But God had other plans. I met Kathy Junker in college in 1973 and we were married 18 months later. I enjoyed a very rewarding career in business, retiring as CEO of a successful foam manufacturing company.

On June 8, 2015  - my 41st wedding anniversary - I was attending Mass at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, after having visited the sites of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection.  I had recently lost Kathy to battles with various cancers, kidney disease, and Alzheimers and the time since had allowed me the opportunity to reflect on a long career as an executive, a joyful marriage, and the successes of my adult son, John.  And I see now that that time in my life was not an ending but a new beginning.  I am now a seminarian studying for the priesthood at Pope St. John XXIII Seminary.  

Besides the sacraments, I think about being able to minister to couples - whether they are contemplating marriage or having troubles in their marriage, as well as being able to minister to the sick.  I have a rich experience across all those fronts that I can draw on to help in my ministry.  I am grateful.