Rev. Mr. Christopher Ford

Home City: Naugatuck, CT

Home Parish: Holy Family, Fairfield, CT

I first thought that God was calling me to the priesthood when I was in 2nd grade at St. Francis of Assisi  School in Naugatuck.  Our class was preparing for the sacraments and we were going to baptize a doll.  Everyone in the class was clamoring to be the parents or the godparents.  I was the only one who volunteered to be a priest.  Still, it took until I was 23, after college and graduate school, to answer that call.  The reason for the delay was, before I could find my vocation, I had to find my faith.  My time in college was an incredibly important part of my vocation because it was during that time that I really grew to love God and my faith really became my own.

The last three years in seminary have really helped solidify that faith.  Far more than just a practical preparation for the job of priest, I have been blessed with some experiences and guidance that have really helped me grow into a deeper, more open, and more authentic relationship with God.  The priesthood is about making God truly present to people, through the power of the sacraments.  In order to make God known, however, you have to know Him yourself.  That is the real power of seminary formation: to first form men to be true Christian gentlemen, men of courage and of faith, and only then to be priests of Jesus Christ.