Rev. Mr. David Roman, Jr.

Home City: Waterbury, CT

Home Parish: St. Joseph, Danbury

One of the most revered and necessary vocations is that of the educator.  The educator's vocation finds its roots in the greatest teacher who ever lived, Jesus Christ. As far back as I can remember, I felt called to be a teacher.  This calling was fulfilled after I finished school and found myself teaching for six years at St. Joseph School in Danbury.

At the core of my lesson planning was not just the academic content, but also facilitating a loving encounter with Christ and His Church.  One of the joys of teaching at a Catholic school is that you can nourish the souls as well as the minds of the students.

Over time I discovered that with each Confirmation class that came through my classroom I felt drawn closer and closer into Christ's presence.

It was during my last year of teaching that my call to priesthood was confirmed, amidst one of the worst tragedies of recent history, the terrible event that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of 2012.  It was the first time our school had been placed in lockdown, and I found myself filled with fear and dismay.  In that moment I turned to the Blessed Mother, gathering the students around her statue in the classroom, where we prayed the rosary together, which restored peace to my heart and filled my heart with love for the students.  

It was in that moment that I felt the Lord saying to me, "If you could love these children so intensely, then you can love all of my children."  I knew then for sure that I was called to be configured to Christ, the ultimate teacher and priest, who loved us all to the maximum.