Andrew LaFleur

Home City: Bridgeport

Home Parish: St. Ann

I attribute my vocation mostly to my involvement in my home parish of st. Ann in Bridgeport.  My family's home is located two houses away from the parish.  I started feeling called to the priesthood around fourth grade.  The good example of the parish priest was important in my discernment.  I remember thinking I wanted to be like him, especially by attending Mass and serving Mass, and seeing how prayerful he was. Every time I would go to the church before Mass I would see him praying the Liturgy of the Hours before hearing confessions and celebrating the Mass.

As I grew older my brother and I shared the responsibility of being Sacristan for the parish, which made me even more involved in the sacramental life of the parish and seeing more of what the priest is.  From that young age the thought of the priesthood never left my mind, always stuck with me.  As a priest of Jesus Christ I want to be the one to deliver the saving sacraments to the people of the Church.

My experience at St. John Fisher Seminary has been helpful in my serious and prayerful consideration of the priesthood.  It has shown me how vital prayer is in figuring out your vocation and even more in the life of a priest.  One thing I like a lot about the seminary is the fraternity.  It's encouraging to be in a house with other men who are there for the same reason - to discern and be formed for priesthood.  What I am looking forward to most as a priest, God willing, is being the one who can be Christ for people, especially through the sacraments.