Patrick Shea

Home City: South Salem, NY

Home Parish: St. Mary, Norwalk


I grew up as the second of eight children in a home where our parents did their best to teach us the faith.  I began serving Mass at St. Mary's in Norwalk at the age of 6.  Serving Mass was what the "cool kids" did at St. Mary's, but through that experience I came to understand the gravity and beauty of my role as server at Mass.  I always expected that I would eventually leave the sanctuary for the pews, surrounded by a wife and children.  But towards the end of high school I started to think that maybe God intends for me to have a place on the altar for the rest of my life, the place of the priest.

I have a great appreciation for marriage and family life, having grown up in a large family with devoted parents.  I also have great appreciation for work, having had jobs as a self-employed painter, as a member of a property maintenance crew, as a caddie, and a caterer. Having had all of those positive experiences of work, marriage, and family life has given me an even deeper appreciation for the significance and the goodness of the priesthood.  I am grateful for the example of Bishop Caggiano, and especially Fr. Richard Cipolla who has encouraged me on many occasions to consider the priesthood over the years.