Alan Cybulski

Home City: Shelton, CT

Home Parish: St. Lawrence, Shelton


When I was little and the parish priest would ask us what we wanted to be when we grew up my response would always be either "firefighter" or "policeman."  But in the back of my mind I knew that what I really wanted to be was a priest.  As a seven-year-old growing up in Poland, I even remember promising Our Lady that one day I would be a priest.  As I got older I would serve the daily Mass, usually with my friends, and would then go to school and then hang out with the other kids in the neighborhood when I got home.  Through my experience of the Mass, the parish priests, and the friendships I had with the other servers, I fell in love with the priesthood, the Eucharist, and everything about the Blessed Mother.  Although I tried to hide it, my mother says that she knew I wanted to be a priest since I was a little boy.

I came with her and my brother to the United States in 2011 when I was 11 years old.  There were a lot of challenges and it wasn't easy leaving the familiar things from Poland behind.  When I was about to start high school we moved from New Britain and came to Shelton, to a house right around the corner from St. Lawrence.  I started to serve Mass there while going to school at Shelton HS.  I can definitely say that St. Lawrence Church and the Diocese of Bridgeport has fostered my vocation through the Sacraments, the priests, and the people of the parish who have supported and encouraged me in my vocation.  They have helped me mature, and understand in a deeper sense the calling which was instilled in my heart by God.