Miguel Betancur Lenis

Home City: Medellin, Colombia

Home Parish: St. Roch, Greenwich

I was born in 1988 in Medellin, Colombia into a very Catholic family.  I felt Jesus calling me to continue His mission on earth when I was very young.

Many years ago, I watched a wonderful movie about Don Bosco. I still remember when Don Bosco, extending an empty hand to Miguel Rua said, "Take it." Miguel, who was a little confused, answered, "Take what?" Finally, Don Bosco explained, "It is nothing. But what I have, I give it to you."

The saint was saying that what he had was nothing in the world's eyes.  But what he was able to give was the love of Jesus to Miguel's heart.  When the movie finished I was deeply touched; and the seed of the priestly vocation had already been sown in my heart.

It was not until High School that I realized the path God had chosen for me. One day, I heard the teacher define the word priest as "pontiff."  I really liked that definition because of its Latin root.  "Pontiff" comes from the word pontis which means bridge.  Suddenly, I realized that I was meant to be that bridge, a bridge between men and God.  Jesus was calling me to be His instrument - to bring His love to the world and help people walk directly to His heart, the only place where we find true happiness.