Matthew Loman

Home City: Orange, CT

Home Parish: St. Michael the Archangel, Derby

The Church has always been central to my life.  From very early on, God called me to serve Him in the liturgy, both as an altar boy and as a lector.  Fr. Martin, the coordinator of the altar boys, told me to "Pray hard. Study hard. Play hard."  I have lived by those words throughout my life, and God has blessed me with a great family life, a rich educational background, a strong sense of prayerfulness, and wonderful life experiences.

Though I had the opportunity to study Law and work as a teacher for many years, I recognize that God has been patiently calling me to the priesthood for some time.  With the strengthening of the call over the past year, it suddenly became clear to me that it was time to finally answer.  The Lord is forever at my side, and through Him all things are made possible.  I look forward to a fruitful seminary experience and, God willing, someday serve God and the people of the Diocese of Bridgeport as a priest.