Guy Dormevil

Home City: Norwalk, CT

Home Parish: St. Joseph Church, Norwalk

My vocation has been over 54 years in the making. However, when God makes a call, at times, He is patient while taking on the journey that leads to His will. God's hands and voice are soft, gentle, but firm when He is leading you to His way.

I was 17 years old when a group of about 25 young men and women including myself went on a vocation retreat with the Salesians in Haiti. At the end of the week, full of enthusiasm and filled with the Holy Spirit, my prayer to God was simple: "God, if I have to be a priest, I want to be faithful to my vows; otherwise, make me a zealous layman." God answered my prayers, but it was to teach me the ways of patience. 

I came to the United States over 20 years ago and was married. We lived in Norwalk. I have two children and have worked in many fields. I have always been active in Church groups and activities.  I have enjoyed lots of blessings in my life. Throughout my life people around me always asked why I didn't go into the priesthood, especially after the passing of my wife. Their questions helped me to realize the will of God.

I had thought about being a deacon and prepared to apply to the program after my wife passed away. But the day I was going to submit the application my Pastor, without knowing my plan, suggested the priesthood - sealing my faith in the calling, and here I am today.

Maybe while reading these words, something might come to you about your life and your call. Please do not hesitate - talk to someone about it. It is that simple. God has His mysterious ways concerning His will for you. God bless!